Life is beautiful. Life isn’t fair. Along the way, we need someone to tell or some way to make sense of it all. Tell Me Lies blog is my journal. It starts with the day I discovered my husband has been in love with another woman for most of our marriage and has lived a parallel life. When the blog ends depends on when this nightmare I am living ends and the lights come back on.

Whatever happens, I’ll have a new life, no longer his wife. Because even if he and I fall in love with each other again, we will divorce. I won’t be his wife ever again. Depend on that.

“My new life” is the subject of this blog. Can I really create a better life for me? I’m 50 with three teen children, limited means, and no partner. At 50, do I get a do-over and the love I dream about?

This blog is my fantasy bubble about that. God knows I need a good fantasy right now.