….two penis substitutes finally. (The postal delay is an unexpected annoyance, however.)


…into the trash can my engagement and wedding ring combo. I asked a jeweler recently what they’re worth. About $75. Together. At that price, they were taking up room in my change purse.


…in the mail the court order for temporary support. That means he got it too and is right now very very upset about the money he could be losing control of.


…to myself that he quite likely has been supporting her kids since 2010.It’s the only way to make sense of how uninvolved he has been with our children. His incessant travel. His crazy stress over expenses and constantly seeking ways to make more money. And then there’s the fact that he not only kept, but filed carefully in sub-folders with the first initial of her name, those two 2015 photos of her with her two kids. Taken on different days on different beaches in different outfits but the same damn poses. Oh those two plus the one of a teat belonging to her. The photo of a teat I can understand. But the kids? Why keep someone else’s kids in not one but two photos? As if he took them on two days of a vacation with them. Seriously. If that’s not a “mom and Cousin Chris who visits now and then and brings us presents and takes us on vacay kind of thing,” I don’t know what.

Oh this is all just so juicy, don’t you think? I couldn’t make up anything sillier.




4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Two faux phalluses?? You are one naughty girl…bravo! It’s good to read you are moving on. The story, though…if it is true, is a sad one. Keep examining and above all…keep writing!


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