Little Desires

A woman like me tries very hard not to want too much. 

He wouldn’t spoon me. He always scooted back to get me to spoon him. 

Even when I asked, wouldn’t say my name. Wouldn’t slow down. Wouldn’t tease my body like I asked but rubbed it hard and raw instead. 

Never made love twice to me even when he looked hard afterward still. Even when I asked politely or playfully don’t you want some more. 

Bring me a man who wants to take forever pleasing me and playing my senses like they’re a musical instrument. Who tempts my body and won’t quit until I’ve surrendered and shattered and…any other erotic words for come and come and come. 


4 thoughts on “Little Desires

  1. He is out there, Holly. Remember that what you are seeking is seeking you. Once you free yourself completely, he will be waiting. And what a lucky guy. You are gorgeous 🙂

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