Cheated on? Here’s a rule for your new life:

Don’t ask.

We forget that someone who has lied about really big things tells only sneaky, random truths. You can’t ask for details, no matter how important they are to you. No matter how much you think the answer will help, they are actually pointless. Those who have lied, the ones who seem comfortable with the lies, will not tell truths that you can rely on.

So just don’t ask.


2 thoughts on “Don’t ask

  1. Kind of how I lived the first 27 years of marriage, only I didn’t know about all the lies. He was so adept, so skilled. Once it all began to come out (not from his lips…from an anonymous email…and so on…) he predictably lied again and again. So I understand this post. But…the persistent questions and increasingly mixed up responses because of his tangled web of lies are what finally made him realize his own folly. I’m glad I didn’t quit asking, although I know it is not the right path for every betrayed. I hope you find your path. HUGS.

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  2. In the aftermath of adultery, this is a very true statement. Whether you are working it out or going your separate ways, the details of an affair that you were not a part of is only self-torture and does nothing in terms of helping the betrayed spouse move past the betrayal.


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