The thing is, it’s not that I cry all the time. I’m not even angry. It’s that I’ll be thinking through what am I gonna do now, next, tomorrow. And then the despair just hits me like a ton of bricks. And I can’t see, I can’t stop, and the tears come and the sobs shake me. Eventually they go away. I’m washed out. I go get something done like nothing happened.


One thought on “Real

  1. It’s a massive trauma. As strong as you may be it’s extremely hurtful and destroys your spirit. I definitely suggest talking to a therapist. Therapists are touch and go so rather find one that someone has been to and strongly recommends. It’s a really painful process. My aunt still hurts and rants abt her ex husband five years after their divorce. They’d been married for 23 years and one day he just left with another woman. it’s ok to cry and sob and rant and want to kill him. It’s ok


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