Twenty years ago, in a land far away in political orientation (Canada), a bride and groom started their adventures in marriage. The rings were cheap, but the love seemed real. Skip to twenty years later, she finally realizes that he’s just not that into her. No wonder she couldn’t come. She decides it’s time to split. Ugh, and then she finds The Photos on the computer they share. She says to her friends he and I are walking clichés. We’re walking right out of an episode of Mad Men. He cheated on business trips while she stayed home tending the children. He was the bachelor when he was away and the patriarch of the family when he was home. His role was to criticize the children and control his wife. 

No wait, she says, back up. We’re actually right out of an episode of The Good Wife. He got in trouble at work because he didn’t follow anyone else’s rules but the ones he made up. So he cheats in his work and he cheats in his relationships. She asks herself do I really want to be the wife at his press conference? 

So she decides she’s done. And then it gets interesting.


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